La Safor Region of Spain

The Gandia area is known as La Safor and is a gorgeous area located on the mid-eastern seaboard of Spain, almost adjacent to the Balearic Islands and just below Valencia (Spain’s third largest city).  La Safor is on the cusp of the northern Costa Blanca and the southern part of the Costa del Azahar.  The […]

Romanian Climbers on Gandia Crag

Owners of the HappyPub in Bucharest, Ioni Manzatu & Daniel Dumitrascu, spending the last day of their Spanish Climbing holiday on Gandia Crag. Along with their partners, they decided to make the most of their last full day, rock-climbing on the Gandía Crag – locally known as Penya Roja. They had spent practically every day […]

Gandia Crag

The first impression of this crag as you approach is that it is significantly less impressive than most of the bits of rock you have just driven past. However first impressions can be deceptive and when you get involved with the routes you will find some immaculate climbs on near-perfect rock formations. There is a […]

Climbing in Spain

One of the great things about Spain is the ability to do outdoor sports – pretty much throughout the year.  For anyone living here this is a tremendous luxury and this is particularly true of sports that require dry weather.  Indeed, it is one of the very good reasons for moving to Spain. Certainly, Mediterranean […]

Rock Climbing in Spain

The immediate area surrounding the lodge boasts one of the finest crags on the Costa Blanca. Gandia is a world class crag, with over 300 routes. Other local crags include El Bovedon, Salem, Aventador, Bellus and Montesa, all of which offer superb routes of all grades. Within 1 hour drive of Gandia, there are at […]

Activity Holidays in Spain

Many people are seeking alternatives to the seaside resort holiday that is centred around lots of sunshine and doing as little as possible except maybe reading a book on the beach or around a swimming pool.  Pleasant as that prospect may be, spending two weeks with nothing else on the agenda can become a little […]