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Climbing in the Gandia Area

Gandia-0Climbing in the Gandia Area

2016 has kicked off with a brisk start to the year, with a good number of guests staying with us for the great rock climbing in the Gandia area.  Starting right at the very beginning of the year we were pleased to welcome a couple from Germany who in fact stayed in our self-catering apartment over the Christmas period, leaving in the first week of January.  Nicole and Volker spent most of their climbing time at the crag here in Gandia, although occasionally they did venture further afield in order to give themselves a bit of variety.  Our local climbing crag proved the main attraction for them, however, as it has so many different routes on which a climber can hone their skills.

The next couple to visit for the climbing came from Belgium, and decided to stay with us on a Bed & Breakfast basis.  Again, Nele and Erik spent a good deal of their time at the local rock, although they did also try the challenges of Bellus, Salem and Montesa.  As well as being experienced and proficient climbers, they also took frequent opportunities to go for runs in the local area around the orange fields and loved the fact that you could go for a run in the open countryside here in January and still be in warm and pleasant sunshine!  A nice change from the weather in Belgium, they said!
Here are further details of their trip to Gandia Area,..Climbing & Running Holidays

Christian, Olivia, Martin and Oscar then arrived for a visit –our very first Austrian guests!  They spent time climbing again on our local crag, but they visited the crags at Bellus and Montessa as well, enjoying the variety of the climbs as well as the tranquillity of some of these beautiful locations.  Again, they visited us as Bed & Breakfast guests because our apartment was in fact already booked out for other guests, but found that this suited them very well indeed as they also chose to dine with us each night, rather than having to cut short their “climbing time” each day in order to find a restaurant for dinner.

Eveline and Peter-Paul from Switzerland were our latest climbers, and they had driven here from their home, spending a couple of nights along the way in their camper van.  Their plan was to spend a few nights in their camper van and then a few nights in Bed & Breakfast accommodation – which is how they came to be spontaneous guests with us.  We received a drive-by visit from them, having arrived in the area to have a day’s climbing on the local crag and they saw our advertisement in Rockfax – the climbers “bible” for information about rock-climbing on the Costa Blanca.  They had initially intended to spend two nights here but extended it for a third once they realised the proximity of the house to the crag – and of course how comfortable and “at home” they felt during their stay with us!

It has to be said that the weather has been generally great for spring climbing here – sunny and dry for most of the time, without being too hot for spending a prolonged period each day on the crags.  All of our climbing guests have been from northern or central Europe, and all have commented on how perfect the conditions are here for climbing at this time of the year.  We certainly enjoy looking after these guests and hope to open our doors to many more before the warmer weather finally makes climbing an ordeal rather than a challenging pleasure.