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2016 Rock Climbing

Gandia-Rock-Climbing-5New Year 2016 Rock Climbing

The cooler months of the year generally provide the opportunity for guests to visit us with the intention of taking part in outdoor activities that would not be so pleasant during the hot months of summer – principally rock climbing – and this year has started out as no exception. Back in August last year we took a booking from Nicole and Volker from Germany who wanted to spend just over a week with us over the Christmas and New Year period, combining a short winter break in the sun with some rock climbing as well.

They made a reservation for our self-catering apartment and arrived on Christmas Eve, soon settling in to their accommodation. They had visited this part of the country many years before, so were interested to see how it had changed, but were pleased to see that the area still retained its sense of authenticity and had not been over-run by too much development and foreign influence.

Although keen rock-climbers, they were also eager to see what the area had to offer in other sightseeing opportunities, so they would mostly spend one day rock climbing and the next either relaxing here at home or going to see some local point of interest – the Borgia Palace in Gandia for example, as well as the monastery in Simat which is the subject of extensive and careful restoration. They also kept a photo diary of their trip and were happy to share it with the rest of the world via their blog:

Although we are located very close to the rock climbing crag at Gandia, where they climbed on several occasions, we are also within a very short drive of some other rock climbing challenges that were within their capabilities such as the crags at Bellus and Montesa, where they also spent some time. They managed to find a really good balance between pursuing their hobby of climbing but also making the most of the comparatively warm weather here and giving themselves a relaxing break from their everyday routine back home.

Their visit here went past all too quickly and soon the New Year was with us and it was time for them to return home on the 2nd January. They had a really great time here though, revisiting some places they had seen many years before, but also finding new places to explore. It was a pleasure to meet them and we hope they will want to return again in the near future to see what else the area has in store for them!