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Gandia Climbing

Gandia ClimbingWe were very pleased to welcome a group of climbers recently who wanted to spend some time with us whilst exploring the crags in the Gandia area. The two couples both live in France, and were glad not only to find accommodation so close to the great climbing here in the Gandia area, but also that welcomed their lovely dog who was accompanying them.
They also run a climbing organisation (Salamandre escalade) in France that offers climbing tuition at a range of destinations there, as well as some opportunities at destinations in the north of Spain. One of the purposes of this trip was to explore the possibilities of extending the scope of what they could offer their clients, as well as having some enjoyable time together at leisure.

They were particularly pleased that we were located in an area that offers a wide range of climbing opportunities as some of the group wanted to climb to a considerably more demanding standard than the others. Our nearest crag – Gandia climbing Crag, or Penya Roja as it is called locally – has a huge choice of climbing routes for differing abilities, and Bovedon cave offers the chance for some particularly demanding ascents as well as less challenging ones too.

They arrived on the Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the day settling in to their accommodation. They had decided to take advantage of our self-catering option and were very happy to prepare their own meals at times that suited them and their climbing schedule. They were staying for three nights, so spent all day Sunday and Monday climbing in the area before returning to the villa for their evening meal and deciding on the plan for the following day. Even on their final day (Tuesday) they did not leave the area until the afternoon, but made the most of their time on the wide choice of local climbs.

The weather was perfect for them too, with some warm sunshine light breezes. Spring and Autumn are the best times of year to enjoy the climbing crags of the Gandia area as the sun is never too hot to make climbing uncomfortable, and the temperatures make a very pleasant change from the colder weather of northern Europe, where many of our visitors come from. Oscar and his fellow climbers had a great time with us and in fact would have stayed longer once they realised just what this area had to offer them. However, when they left they said that they would very much like to return to us in the near future. It was a pleasure to meet them all and we very much look forward to seeing them with us again.