Canadian Rock Climbers on Honeymoon!

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Costa Blanca Climbing
A few days ago we received a phone call from Eva and Jeff, who were heading in our direction from the north of the country, where they were fleeing bad weather. They wanted to know if we could accommodate them at short notice as they are keen climbers and thought they would make an unplanned visit to our part of the Costa Blanca to sample the delights of rock climbing in our area. They decided that our self-catering apartment would suit their requirements perfectly and were delighted that we are situated in such close proximity to the famous Gandia Crag. Although they had not originally intended to visit the Costa Blanca at all and had planned to stay in the north of Spain, they realised that the better weather that was forecast for our region, coupled with the superb climbing to be found here, would offer them a far better option than their original plan.

Eva and Jeff come from Canada and rock climbing in Spain was part of a longer European trip for them – their honeymoon in fact – which had started out in Poland. Eva’s family originated from there and, although she had been born in Canada, she wanted to visit her relatives and introduce them to Jeff before the two of them travelled on to Spain for some rock climbing in the autumn sunshine. Although the fine weather they had hoped for turned out to elusive when they first arrived in the country, they were rewarded with plenty of warm sunshine during their stay with us here in Gandia.

Costa Blanca Rock Climbing

They spent every day climbing on Gandia Crag – known locally as Penya Roja – and were delighted with the variety and scope of the climbs available there. Although many other crags are within easy reach of us here at Villa Florencia, they felt no need to explore further afield as there was no prospect of them getting bored, and they were even joined by some friends at one point who were climbing in the area as well. The weather was even so good that late one afternoon – accompanied by their friends – they returned from their climbing and had a quick swim in our pool! On Sunday they all took some time off from climbing to have a traditional paella lunch at one of the local restaurants, which they enjoyed very much indeed, but then sadly it was all too soon time for them to leave.

Their five days here had been a totally unplanned part of their European itinerary, but one that they had enjoyed very much indeed. It was a pleasure to meet them and their friends and we are only glad that they turned out to be yet another set of guests to be pleasantly surprised by what our part of the La Safor region has to offer in the cooler months of the year.