Rock Climbing and City Break

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Clare and Matt were on an extended work break and visiting various prime rock climbing locations throughout Europe, and decided that the Costa Blanca area was one that they should not miss.  We received an e-mail from them to book a five night stay, which they thought would give them ample time to climb the various crags in the area that they had already spotted in their guide book.  As well as this, they wanted to take advantage of our proximity to Valencia city and visit there whilst all the preparations for the fiesta of Fallas were underway.

They had spent some time climbing in Spain before they arrived in our area, and were working their way northwards, so had had ample time to decide exactly where they wanted to climb once they arrived.  The local Gandía crag, otherwise known as Penya Roja, was an obvious choice for them, and was their starting point on their first day.  However, they soon ventured further afield, and found several other climbs in the area that suited them perfectly.  The problem by the time they left was that they had realised this area had so much more to offer in the way of quality and challenging climbs – they were spoilt for choice!

Matt Climbing at Salem

They spent one of their days here t on a trip to Valencia city, where the fiesta of Fallas was in full swing.  The huge effigies had already been built and put in place, and they made for a spectacular attraction in an already beautiful city.  Clare and Matt returned from their day there hugely impressed with the city as a whole, and were delighted that their visit coincided with one of the most important fiestas in the Valencia calendar.

Claire on Gandia Crag

After a final day’s climbing, it was time for them to leave and carry on up the coast.  They were making for a destination on the Costa Dorada to continue their climbing tour, but were rather sorry to leave us when they felt they could have spent longer in the Costa Blanca area – it has so much to offer the enthusiastic rock climber!  They said that, usually when they moved on from any one area, they felt they had exhausted the climbing opportunities of that particular region, but that this was not the case here on the Costa Blanca.  Their one regret about their stay with us was that it was not a longer one!